Significance of Cloud in Customer Experience

It looks like the Cloud has become the infrastructure of choice for those trying to improve their contact centre by streamlining the process of providing modern and personalised services to customers that in turn improves customer experience, increases customer loyalty and sales. But what makes the Cloud the best option?

There is no doubt that, as the 2015 research predicted, a cost is an important driver of cloud migration. When West asked those who have taken the plunge what they see as the biggest benefits of the Cloud, the top three benefits were highlighted as the speed of deployment, cost savings from flexible licensing models and reduction in maintenance costs, side-by-side with access to a more advanced feature set.

Cloud-based contact centres offer a more cost-effective business model, and this has a strong appeal for organisations. However, there is another, more powerful reason for the cloud contact centre revolution, which is highlighted by our new study. Consumer behaviours and demands have changed and will continue to evolve, and the customer experience has taken centre stage when it comes to brand competition in many organisations. In fact, a recent Walker study found that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020.